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Start your coding journey with interactive game creation courses. Use our beginner-friendly drag-and-drop code editor and progress at your own pace to build your dream game. 

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Our easy to follow videos teach you how to code step by step


Our web based code editor gives you everything you need to start coding


Build then publish your games and share them with friends

Code Minecraft Mods

Programming your own Minecraft mods has never been easier. We provide all the tools and tutorials to write Java code to create Minecraft games, we then host for you on your own private server which your friends can join. 

Build Roblox Games

Code, test, and then publish your own Roblox games. From building your own Obby to launching a tycoon game, we will teach you all the skills you need to build games in Roblox Studio.

Backed by trusted technology

Coolmath Coding is powered by the technology of Code Kingdoms. You may see their names from time to time and that’s because we use their powerful coding technology and course content to deliver your coding experience. Their customer support team will help you with any queries you may have. 

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Course Library

Learn to code with our teacher designed courses, updated every month. Keep track of your progress with weekly updates.


Start simple with our beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor, then progress to text code. Learn real programming languages.

Online Support

Get help when you need it, 7 days a week. Fast, live responses from the Code Kingdoms team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked this a lot. In reality everyone is unique, so our generic recommendation is if you are already playing Minecraft or Roblox that is a good indicator you are likely ready. Our coding courses are designed for complete beginners, but programming requires certain logical reasoning skills that develop with age. With parental participation and a motivated child, you can certainly use Coolmath Coding from a younger age than we recommend. Do remember we have a refund policy that you can use if things are not a fit.

We teach the Java and Lua programming languages through video tutorials showing young people how to program mods for Minecraft and games for Roblox.

All videos are interactive, working alongside our custom web-based code editor. This is our internationally recognised tool for getting kids to make the jump from drag-and-drop coding to typing text code.

There are no live instructors or set class times, allowing children to learn at their own schedule and pace.

The main Code Kingdom’s team are based in central London but our products can be used anywhere in the world, with our support team spanning several time zones. We are currently used in over 80 countries.

We have over 120 hours of content across our Minecraft and Roblox course offerings, covering a wide range of coding concepts and difficulty levels.

This depends on whether you purchase our Minecraft or Roblox packages.

You will need Minecraft Java edition to test the mods you code with Coolmath Coding. You can purchase Minecraft from their official website. We support the main Java version of Minecraft, available on PC & Mac.

Roblox and its coding tool, Roblox Studio are completely free to download. There are no hidden charges for using these products. Roblox offers a paid premium service, but you won’t need this for learning to code.

Yes! If you purchase any of our Minecraft plans, we provide you with a free server and we pay for the third party hosting. There are no additional charges to pay (but you will need to purchase Minecraft separately).

I’m afraid Coolmath Coding isn’t supported on an iPad/ mobile device. In fact you couldn’t code Java or Lua via a touch interface, you’ll need a keyboard in order to correctly learn programming.

Additionally Minecraft and Roblox require a Mac/ Windows computer in order to run their code.

We offer a 30 day refund policy for all our annual and lifetime plans, starting from the date you (or whoever you gift too) starts using Coolmath Coding. This gives you a chance to try out our product with a safety net given that these accounts cost a fair bit more upfront than our monthly plans.

I’m afraid we don’t offer this policy on our monthly subscriptions.

A Family plan costs 50% more than an Individual plan, and includes 5 users instead of 1, perfect for households with more than one young coder. Each user has their own unique login and coding progression. Additionally for our Minecraft product each user is provided with their own private Minecraft server.

You are welcome to gift spare account slots to friends outside of your household.

Getting our Roblox and Minecraft courses together in a bundle costs 50% more than getting one on its own, for any plan. You essentially are receiving a discount for purchasing access to both products. You can upgrade at any time to our bundle package.

Yes! We don’t limit you based on household or device, so you can login from anywhere and as often as you like. If you have a family plan you can use these across multiple familes. You are more than welcome to send your spare slots as gifts.

Yes you can. To do this you’ll need to login as your billing user and then visit the upgrade section on your account page. This works for any purchase.

If you are upgrading from a single account type (Minecraft or Roblox) to our bundle and have purchased an annual subscription or lifetime membership, your previous purchase will be discounted from the upgrade price.

Monthly subscriptions won’t be discounted against any upgrade. So if you’re thinking about signing up for one month before deciding on an annual or lifetime plan, you may want to consider our 30-day refund policy which comes with this option.

Sending a gift is a process you complete after you’ve completed your purchase.

We recommend using your own email address in the payment form for this reason. You’ll have options to send a gift link to another email address or download a printable PDF you can send as a physical gift with an unique redeem code. The person who receives the gift then sets up their own account login.

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